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Steel Frame Homes

For many years the commercial building industry has been using a building material that is fire and termite resistant, strong yet lightweight and guaranteed to be straight every time. That material is steel. It’s no wonder then that a steel house frame is increasingly the building material of choice for builders and homeowners alike.
With 39 years of experience in steel fabrication, STEER Steel House Frame has seen the popularity of steel framing grow, and believe steel to be the “best building product available”.
STEER’s years of experience have given them the knowledge to design the most cost effective and creative solutions through a comprehensive consultation process. STEER specialise in custom designed houses and owner-builder projects, with innovative solutions for construction on sloping blocks and multi-level buildings.

Benefits of Steel Framing over Timber Framing

Greensmart Home at Berwick

Duplex pair at Wodonga


Holiday House at St Andrews Beach


Steel Framing is it for me?

Steel House Frame Benefits

Steel Frame Homes Advantages

Why Build a Kit Home out of Steel?

We only use 100% Australian made Steel.